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Are you ready for a new way to learn?

Does your present stand in the way of your future?

What if there was nothing stopping you from getting your degree?

Can a degree give you real skills without the hassles?


Flexxive - The New Learning Experience

Tagline: Flexible Scene

Cheers! You sure worked hard. Cheers to a new year and a new degree!
Phew! That was a lot of work. Look forward to saying 'be Mine' to that promotion!
Well Done! March yourself across the stage and grab that hard-earned diploma!
Congrats! All that hard work has earned you the best spring break there is: graduation!
Yay! The long-awaited day is here! April showers bring... May graduates!
Phew! Working hard has paid off - you'll have that new degree right in time for the official start of summer.
Boom! You see those fireworks in the sky? Yep, those are for all of your hard work, graduate!
Done! Congrats on all those all-nighters - you're finished!
Hut Hut! Kick off the fall as a new graduate - all those long hours have paid off!
It Paid Off! Just as the leaves are turning colors, you're turning one degree smarter!
Finished! You'll be done in time to watch the ol' Thanksgiving parade with no thoughts of extra studying!
Brr! Just as the temperature is dropping in degrees, you'll be gaining one!
Yay! Happy New Degree!
Nice Work! Your new degree can be your Valentine.
Go You! March down that aisle to pick up your very own diploma!
You Did It! What better way to spring into life than with a new degree?
Hooray! April showers bring... May graduates!
Congrats! Schooool's out for summer!
Ooh Ahh! Enjoy those fireworks and enjoy that new degree!
Yay! It's officially your day in the sun - happy graduation!
Good Hustle! If there's ever a reason to be glad for all your hard work, it's that you're done with school in time for football season!
Yep! Just when everyone else is going back to school, you'll be graduating in fall!
Cheers! You're no turkey, you're finishing just in time for a celebratory dinner, pilgrim' style.
Joy! Tis the season to graduate!

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Courses and Concepts that work together from your first class to your last.

A shared experience that goes beyond learning

Join in on the conversation.
Mary June 28th, 2012

How did you like the Geology video?

You June 28th, 2012

I thought it rocked.

Jim June 28th, 2012

Yeah, I think Prof. Lewis is a real gem.

Mary June 28th, 2012

OK funny guys, I'm grounding you from any more puns.

You June 28th, 2012

Haha. We're not trying to be hard on you.

Jim June 28th, 2012

Yeah, no dig intended.

Mary June 28th, 2012

Well, you really cut me to the core there.

You June 28th, 2012

Chin up, I took that class last semester and I liked it a lava.

Mary June 28th, 2012

You guys are such ashes.

The Geology class represented in this conversation is not currently offered by this program, but the functionality to converse with your classmates is. The animals represented here are fictional. You are not really a cat. Furthermore, animals are not allowed to sign up for this program. Sorry, Whiskers.
Develop the skills that make you indispensable.
Oh, and did we mention it's quite affordable?

Get Ready for a New Way to Learn

Don't let your present stand in the way of your future

There shouldn't be anything stopping you from getting your degree

Get the degree that gives you real skills without the hassles

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